Beauty from Nature Inspired by nature, we make high quality cosmetic products designed to provide your body with the beauty and wellness that it deserves. Our Products Nehil Laboratories

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We carefully created a selection of products that we believe in

Bath Salts

Bath salts give your body a sense of relaxation and hydrates the skin. Our products come in a colorful range of fragrances each of which offers a unique experience.

Body Scrubs

Our collections of body scrubs are meant to allow your skin to have a new fresh breath. Scrubs remove dead cells, moisturize the skin and contribute to its regeneration.

Lotions & Oils

We offer a wide range of lotions and oils with different uses, natures, and fragrances including body lotions, massage oils, mineral oils, and aroma and essential oils.

Nehil Laboratories

Born in Blida, Nehil Laboratories aim to build an Algerian brand of high quality original beauty and wellness products. Every ingredient that we include in our products is there for a specific, therapeutic reason. All our formulas are carefully prepared and tested.

A curated selection of products

We formulate a wide collection of products inspired of nature. Most of our products are based on over 95% natural origin ingredients, organic products, and vegan formulas. Our laboratory is based in Algeria, and with friendly prices, we aim to make our wellness and beauty products accessible to all Algerians.

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  • We care for the environment

    We’re not just talking about skin. Our products are consciously-sourced. We try to avoid waste in our manufacturing process and we care for our environmental fingerprint. Also, except for mineral products, our natural products are mostly organic and made using vegan ingredients. We use a minimum of fillers, meaning that almost every ingredient in our products is an “active” ingredient.

    What our clients are saying

    Most of our clients were very satisfied using our products. Some clients wanted to share their experience:

    • Vos produits sont très impressionnants, nous vous souhaitons plus de brillance et de succès 💥🌊

      Alae Amaeur

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